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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Nov-2019‘Meta-founders’ to Model Base Populations in Genomic Evaluation for Multi-Breed Sheep DataMeyer, K ; Swan, A A 25-May-2020
2May-2019The Potential Role Of The Commonwealth In Responding To Catastrophic DisastersEburn, Michael; Moore, Cameron ; Gissing, Andrew25-May-2020
32019Using audience segmentation and targeted social marketing to improve landholder management of invasive animalsHine, Donald W; Sharp, Trudy; Driver, Aaron B 24-May-2020
42019'Of Lonely Ghosts': The Primacy Of Responsible Government In Comcare v BanerjiGraham, Patrick 25-May-2020
52019Investigation into the Effects of Number of SNPs and Number of Reference Individuals on Imputation AccuracyFerdosi, M H ; Connors, N K 10-May-2020
6Dec-2019The Accuracy of Genotype Imputation in Selected South African Sheep Breeds from Australian Reference PanelsNel, C L; Gore, K P ; Swan, A A ; Cloete, S W P; van der Werf, J H J ; Dzama, K25-May-2020
715-Mar-2015Symptom screening scales for detecting major depressive disorder in children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis of reliability, validity and diagnostic utilityStockings, Emily; Degenhardt, Louisa; Lee, Yong Yi; Mihalopoulos, Cathrine; Liu, Angus; Hobbs, Megan ; Patton, George25-May-2020
8Nov-2019Comparison of Gene Editing Versus Conventional Breeding to Introgress the Polled Allele into the Tropically Adapted Australian Beef Cattle PopulationMueller, M L; Cole, J B; Connors, N K ; Johnston, D J ; Randhawa, I A S; Van Eenennaam, A L25-May-2020
9Nov-2019Genomic Prediction in a Numerically Small Sheep Breed Population Using Imputed Sequence VariantsMoghaddar, N ; Brown, D J ; Swan, A A ; MacLeod, I M; van der Werf, J H J 25-May-2020
102-Mar-2015Frequency and quality of mental health treatment for affective and anxiety disorders among Australian adultsHarris, Meredith G; Hobbs, Megan J ; Burgess, Philip M; Pirkis, Jane E; Diminic, Sandra; Siskind, Dan J; Andrews, Gavin; Whiteford, Harvey A25-May-2020

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