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12014The use of lactation and test day records for the genetic analyses of the performance of Philippine dairy buffaloes for milk production and persistencyFlores, Ester Battad; van der Werf, Julius ; Gibson, John 20-Apr-2015
2-Maintaining Euhydration Preserves Cognitive Performance, But Is Not Superior to HypohydrationGoodman, Stephen P J ; Moreland, Ashleigh T; Marino, Frank E5-Apr-2019
32018An Overview of the Reality of Healthcare Reform in Saudi Arabia with Emphasis on Public Hospitals: A Critical AppraisalAlharbi, Musaed 20-Jun-2018
42016Kawaii aesthetics and the exchange between anime and musicSmith, Paul 31-May-2019
521-Sep-2012Strategien der Kriegfuhrung: Ein Triumph neuer Techniken?Koehn, Clemens 31-May-2019
62015Network Governance and Policy Making: Developments and Directions in AsiaZafarullah, Habib M 12-Aug-2015
72017Barriers to and facilitators of the inclusion of learners with special education needs: An appraisal of the education systems of the islands of the Eastern CaribbeanHodge, Carel Eulena; Bennett, Cary ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Zafarullah, Habib M 22-Feb-2018
82016Efficient algorithms for using genotypic dataFerdosi, Mohammad Hossein; van der Werf, Julius ; Gondro, Cedric ; Tier, Bruce 24-Nov-2016
92019Field vaccination against ILT in broiler chickens: lack of consistencyGroves, P; Sharpe, S M; Williamson, S; Gao, Y S; Freitas Gerber, P ; Hirn, T J; Walkden-Brown, S W 3-Jun-2019
102013Availability of and Accessibility to Primary Health Care Services for Women Living in Poverty: The Bangladesh CaseBanik, Bijoy Krishna; Zafarullah, Habib ; Scott, John 14-Nov-2013

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