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12012Raising Corporate Social Responsibility - The ‘Legitimacy’ ApproachRahim, Mia Mahmuder 22-Aug-2019
212-Oct-2017Evaluating the importance of metamorphism in the foundering of continental crustChapman, Timothy ; Clarke, Geoffrey L; Piazolo, Sandra; Daczko, Nathan R23-Jul-2019
310-Jun-2008The quantification of fingerprint quality using a relative contrast indexHumphreys, Jill D; Porter, Glenn ; Bell, Michael7-Aug-2019
425-Mar-2010User Preference for a Control-Based Reduced Processing Decision Support InterfaceMorrison, Ben W; Wiggins, Mark W; Porter, Glenn 15-Aug-2019
530-Jan-2011The investigation of a relative contrast index model for fingerprint quantificationVanderwee, Jana; Porter, Glenn ; Renshaw, Adrian; Bell, Michael15-Aug-2019
624-Jul-2012The CSI effect at university: forensic science students’ television viewing and perceptions of ethical issuesWeaver, Roslyn; Salamonson, Yenna; Koch, Jane; Porter, Glenn 7-Aug-2019
77-Dec-2015Detection of second-generation images using an assessment criteria methodPorter, Glenn ; Ebeyan, Robert31-Jul-2019
813-Aug-2008The detection of latent residue tattoo ink pigments in skin using invisible radiation photographyMcKechnie, Michelle L; Porter, Glenn ; Langlois, Neil8-Aug-2019
97-Dec-2015Variation of craniofacial representation in passport photographsSpiteri, Vanessa Rose ; Porter, Glenn ; Kemp, Richard31-Jul-2019
107-Dec-2015Guest editorialPorter, Glenn 12-Aug-2019

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