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12011Painting for a Requiem: Mihály Munkácsy's 'The Last Moments of Mozart' (1885)Davison, Alan 11-Jul-2011
2Feb-2013食道癌病人常見的健康問題及護理Huang, Mei-Chi; Chang, Wen; Han, Chin-Yen; Wang, Shou-Yu 20-Jun-2019
32016Spirituality and attitudes towards Nature in the Pacific Islands: insights for enabling climate-change adaptationNunn, Patrick ; Mulgrew, Kate; Scott-Parker, Bridie; Hine, Donald W ; Marks, Anthony ; Mahar, Doug; Maebuta, Jack 8-Jun-2016
42017Enduring Community Value from Mining: Measuring the employment impacts of mine closure for remote communities and considering issues for transformationBlackwell, Boyd ; McFarlane, Jim ; Fischer, Andy12-Sep-2017
52012Effects of Dietary Additives and Early Feeding on Performance, Gut Development and Immune Status of Broiler Chickens Challenged with 'Clostridium perfringens'Ao, Zhingang; Kocher, Andreas; Choct, Mingan 26-Jul-2012
62014The effects of low- and high-dose-rate brachytherapy on depressive symptoms in prostate cancer patientsSharpley, Christopher ; Christie, David R H ; Bitsika, Vicki ; Oar, Andrew J17-Dec-2014
72007GTAP Model Analysis of the Economic Effects of an Australia-China FTA: Challenges and Opportunities for Bilateral Trade PolicyYang, Jinmei; Siriwardana, Ananda 16-Oct-2009
82005Effects of Person-Centred Psychological Assistance on Workers in Stressful JobsOsland, Kristy Susan; Malouff, John M ; Alford, Wendy Kaylene12-Jul-2011
94-Aug-2017Amphibians on the brinkBower, Deborah S ; Lips, Karen R; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Georges, Arthur; Clulow, Simon2-May-2019
102007"All our lives we'd looked out for each other the way that motherless children tend to do": King Lear as MelodramaGriggs, Yvonne 12-Nov-2013

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