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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Do hormone treatments cause anxiety and depression among prostate cancer patients?Bitsika, Vicki ; Christie, David R H ; Sharpley, Christopher 3-Feb-2014
22007Omega-3 blood levels in children and adolescents with bipolar disorderHanstock, Tanya; Hazell, PL; Garg, ML; Hirneth, SJ; Morrison, SDL; Kable, CJ; Clayton, EH4-Aug-2011
32007Preliminary data describing cognitive compromise in adolescents with bipolar disorderCahill, CM; Hanstock, Tanya; Hazell, P; Walter, G; Jairam, R; Malhi, GS4-Aug-2011
42007Clinical categories of the child behaviour checklist - parent report in juvenile bipolar disorderHirneth, SJ; Clayton, EH; Hanstock, Tanya4-Aug-2011
52013A review of the impacts of prostate cancer on the mental health of patients' partnersSteinmetz, Marie; Bitsika, Vicki ; Sharpley, Christopher 26-Aug-2013
627-Oct-2018The effects of mild prenatal stress during mid- and late-pregnancy, on lamb vigour traitsLabeur, Lea ; Schmoelzl, Sabine ; Small, Alison; Hinch, Geoffrey 19-Jun-2020
72018Water knowledge systemsWilliams, Jacqueline ; Please, Patricia ; Barker, Lorina L 22-Jul-2020
86-Aug-2019There is More Than One Way to Skin a Cat: An Exploration of Flexible Mental Multiplication Strategies with Pre-Service TeachersHall, Peter; Whannell, Robert ; Serow, Penelope 20-May-2020
9Mar-2020Human enhancement drugs and new(?) research directionsvan de Ven, Katinka ; Dunn, Matthew; Mulrooney, Kyle 22-Jul-2020
102019More Genotypes than Markers: The SS-T-BLUP Model in Action: An Application Study in Multi-Trait Australian Angus BREEDPLAN Genetic EvaluationBoerner, V ; Johnston, D J 22-Jul-2020

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