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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Mar-2019In Praise of Heresy: Hus, Luther, and the Ethos of ReformationFudge, Thomas A 10-May-2022
22014Howling Like Wolves, Bleating Like Lambs: Singers and the Discourse of Animality in the Late Middle AgesStoessel, Jason 12-Jun-2014
3Dec-2018A screening method to detect BYDV-PAV resistance in cereals under glasshouse conditionsChoudhury, S; Al-Shammari, D; Hu, H; Meinke, H; Westmore, G; Birchall, C ; Larkin, P; Zhou, M4-Apr-2022
42011Within-season temporal variation in correlations between vineyard canopy and winegrape composition and yieldHall, Andrew; Lamb, David ; Holzapfel, Bruno P; Louis, John P26-Jul-2011
52015Finding brilliance using positive organizational scholarship in healthcareDadich, Ann; Fulop, Liz; Karimi, Leila; Smyth, Anne; Ditton, Mary ; Campbell, Steve ; Curry, Joanne; Eljiz, Kathy; Fitzgerald, Anneke; Hayes, Kathryn J; Herington, Carmel; Isouard, Godfrey 30-Mar-2016
62005Growth and mortality of sibling triploid and diploid Sydney rock oysters, 'Saccostrea glomerata' (Gould), in the Camden Haven RiverTroup, AJ; Cairns, SC ; Simpson, Rod13-May-2008
72003Validity of Self-Report Screening Scale for Elder Abuse: Women's Health Australia StudySchofield, Margot Jocelyn ; Mishra, Gita9-Jan-2013
82012One/ListenHewitt, Donna 2-Feb-2018
92005The Design, Synthesis and Geometric Analysis of Large Centrally Functionalised Porphyrin-Spacer-PorphyrinsGaynor, Shaun Patrick; Gunter, Maxwell J 10-Jan-2013
102-Jan-2020Assessing the Impacts of Tillage and Mulch on Soil Erosion and Corn YieldChalise, Devraj; Kumar, Lalit ; Sharma, Reena; Kristiansen, Paul 9-Apr-2020

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