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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014ArabiaWeeks, L 21-Mar-2016
22017Elis: Internal Politics and External Policy in Ancient GreeceBourke, Graeme 28-Sep-2017
3Sep-2020The Archaeology of the Convict Probation System: The Labor Landscapes of Port Arthur and the Cascades Probation Station, 1839-55Tuffin, Richard ; Gibbs, Martin 4-Mar-2020
42020Ailise Bulfin, Gothic Invasions: Imperialism, War, and Fin-de-Siècle Popular Fiction (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2018), pp. 288, £85 hardcoverScully, Richard 6-Dec-2021
52018Diachronic Fetishisation: Ruin Porn and Pitcairn Island Language, Archaeology, and ArchitectureNash, Joshua ; Gibbs, Martin 23-Apr-2020
6Jan-2004Exploring the British World: Identity, Cultural Production, InstitutionsDarian-Smith, Kate; Grimshaw, Patricia; Lindsey, Kiera ; Macintyre, Stuart10-Dec-2021
72012Creating a Virtual Museum of Antiquities: An Interactive Teaching ToolSchmitz, Michael 1-Feb-2013
82021The Radical Campaigns of John Baxter Langley: A Keen and Courageous ReformerGeorge, David M 26-Aug-2021
92021'Remembering Aesi': Women's History, Dialogical Memorials and Sydney's StatuaryLindsey, Kiera 24-Sep-2021
1014-Jun-2018Complex history of dog (Canis familiaris) origins and translocations in the Pacific revealed by ancient mitogenomesGreig, K; Gosling, A; Collins, C J; Boocock, J; McDonald, K; Addison, D J; Allen, M S; David, B; Gibbs, M ; Higham, C F W; Liu, F; McNiven, I J; O'Connor, S; Tsang, C H; Walter, R; Matisoo-Smith, E16-Mar-2020

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