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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1-Exploring Diversity in Neolithic Agropastoral Management in Mainland Greece Using Stable Isotope AnalysisVaiglova, Petra; Coleman, John; Diffey, Charlotte; Tzevelekidi, Vasiliki; Fillios, Melanie ; Pappa, Maria; Halstead, Paul; Valamoti, Soultana Maria; Cavanagh, William; Renard, Josette; Buckley, Michael; Bogaard, Amy23-Jun-2021
222-Oct-2020The Lyon Terence: Its Tradition and LegacyTorello-Hill, Giulia ; Turner, Andrew J1-Jul-2021
32017Angelo Poliziano's De poesi et poetis (BNCF Naz. II.I.99) and the Development of Ancient Dramatic CriticismTorello-Hill, Giulia 1-Jul-2021
422-May-2015Terence between Late Antiquity and the Age of Printing: Illustration, Commentary and PerformanceTurner, Andrew J; Torello-Hill, Giulia 14-Jul-2021
528-Jul-2021Emotions in Europe 1517-1914: Explorations 1603-1714Barclay, Katie; Soyer, François 1-Jul-2021
622-May-2015The Revival of Classical Roman Comedy in Renaissance Ferrara: From the Scriptorium to the StageTorello-Hill, Giulia 14-Jul-2021
722-May-2015IntroductionTurner, Andrew J; Torello-Hill, Giulia 14-Jul-2021
828-Jul-2021Emotions in Europe 1517-1914: Transformations, 1789-1914Barclay, Katie; Soyer, François 30-Jul-2021
928-Jul-2021Emotions in Europe, 1517-1914: Reformations, 1517-1602Barclay, Katie; Soyer, François 30-Jul-2021
1028-Jul-2021Emotions in Europe, 1517-1914: Revolutions, 1714-1789Barclay, Katie; Soyer, François 30-Jul-2021