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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006'The Book of Revelation': Showing without TellingHopgood, Fincina 1-Aug-2021
22008Across the Universe: Peter Duncan's Unfinished SkyHopgood, Fincina 1-Aug-2021
3Oct-2002Campion, JaneHopgood, Fincina 1-Aug-2021
42004Sundance to Sarajevo: Films Festivals and the World they MadeHopgood, Fincina 2-Aug-2021
52009Thinking Through Tears: Mothers and Children in BlessedHopgood, Fincina 2-Aug-2021
6Apr-2018Empathy and portrayals of mental illness in Australian visual cultureBrophy, Lisa; Palmer, Victoria; Hopgood, Fincina 26-Jul-2021
715-Dec-2010Directors: Baz Luhrmann (1962-)Hopgood, Fincina 22-Jul-2021
86-Apr-2021Wakefield - new ABC series looks at mental health and treatment from the inside outHopgood, Fincina 26-Jul-2021
9Jan-2006The Politics of Melodrama in Deepa Mehta's 'Water'Hopgood, Fincina 26-Jul-2021
10Jan-2004Inspiring Passion and Hatred: Jane Campion's In the CutHopgood, Fincina 26-Jul-2021