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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Polybios und die Inschriften: Zum Sprachgebrauch des HistorikersKoehn, Clemens 24-May-2019
22012What goes on in an Islamic School?Jones, Peter Duncan8-Mar-2013
32017Tendenzen in der Gesetzgebung Marc Aurels am Beispiel des Erb- und Familienrechts. Zum Kontext des Senatusconsultum OrfitianumKoehn, Clemens 29-May-2019
428-Jul-2021Emotions in Europe 1517-1914: Explorations 1603-1714Barclay, Katie; Soyer, François 1-Jul-2021
52008Australia's Birthstain: The startling legacy of the convict eraSmith, Babette 20-Sep-2011
62012Review of Simon Hornblower, 'The Greek World 479-323 BC', Routledge, London, 2011. pp. 410 ISBN: 978-0-415-60292-1(pb); $57.00Taylor, Tristan 4-Mar-2013
72011From changelings to extraterrestrials: popular metaphors and the "otherness" of autistic behaviorAlbury, William R 18-Oct-2011
82009Using cartoons as historical evidenceScully, Richard ; Quartly, Marian30-Mar-2010
91997Popular Radicalism and the Swing Riots in Central HampshireKent, David 23-Aug-2017
102018"Latin is for the Elite"...and other Zombie MythsLawrence, Sarah 8-Apr-2019

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