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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Toward An Ethics of Reciprocity: Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Medicinal Plants as Cancer TherapiesRyan, John C 10-May-2017
22013Fungi: An entangled explorationPouliot, Alison; Ryan, John C 11-May-2017
32014Attention Economy in the novels of Michel HouellebecqPatrick, Sophie 24-Jan-2019
42008Linguistic Population Prehistory of the Greater Himalayan Region: Interpretations of Emergent Genetic Datavan Driem, George4-Nov-2015
52016The Substance of Memory: Plants, Objects, and AffectRyan, John C 12-May-2017
62012Passive Flora? Reconsidering Nature's Agency through Human-Plant Studies (HPS)Ryan, John C 12-May-2017
72013Toward a Phen(omen)ology of the Seasons: The Emergence of the Indigenous Weather Knowledge Project (IWKP)Ryan, John C 10-May-2017
82010Deissmann the PhilologistGerber, Albrecht 31-Aug-2010
92016Sacred Ecology of Plants: The Vegetative Soul in the Botanical Poetry of Les MurrayRyan, John C 8-May-2017
102016Flick(er)ring Cockatoos: New Media as Zoopoetic SpaceRyan, John C 8-May-2017

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