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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12001A Paedomorphic Parasite Associated with a Neotenic Amphibian Host: Phylogenetic Evidence Suggests a Revised Systematic Position for Sphyranuridae within Anuran and Turtle PolystomatoineansSinnappah, Neeta Devi; Lim, Lee-Hong Susan; Rohde, Klaus ; Tinsley, Richard; Combes, Claude; Verneau, Olivier25-Jun-2014
22015Heterogeneity of genetic architecture of body size traits in a free-living populationBerenos, Camillo; Ellis, Philip A; Pilkington, Jill G; Lee, Sang Hong ; Gratten, Jake; Pemberton, Josephine M1-Apr-2016
32008Identification of a non-purple tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase: an evolutionary link to Ser/Thr protein phosphatases?Hadler, KS; Huber, T; Cassady, Alan ; Weber, JE; Robinson, J; Burrows, A; Guddat, LW; Hume, D; Schenk, G; Flanagan, J28-Jul-2011
42009The bivalved arthropods 'Isoxys' and 'Tuzoia' with soft-part preservation from the lower Cambrian Emu Bay Shale Lagerst√§tte (Kangaroo Island, Australia)Garcia-Bellido, Diego C; Paterson, John R ; Edgecombe, Gregory D; Jago, James B; Gehling, James G; Lee, Michael S Y11-Mar-2010
52014Statistical Power to Detect Genetic (Co)Variance of Complex Traits Using SNP Data in Unrelated SamplesVisscher, Peter M; Hemani, Gibran; Vinkhuyzen, Anna A E; Chen, Guo-Bo; Lee, Sang Hong ; Wray, Naomi R; Goddard, Michael E; Yang, Jian18-Apr-2016
62012Heterothermy in Caprimulgid Birds: A Review of Inter- and Intraspecific Variation in Free-Ranging PopulationsBrigham, R M; McKechnie, A E; Doucette, Lisa; Geiser, Fritz 5-Feb-2013
72012Prey availability affects daily torpor by free-ranging Australian owlet-nightjars ('Aegotheles cristatus')Doucette, Lisa; Brigham, R Mark; Pavey, Chris R; Geiser, Fritz 5-Feb-2013
82012Opportunistic hibernation by a free-ranging marsupialTurner, James M; Warnecke, Lisa; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 5-Feb-2013
92009Invasive ants compete with and modify the trophic ecology of hermit crabs on tropical islandsMcNatty, Alice; Abbott, Kirsten ; Lester, Philip J17-Sep-2014
102013Toxicity of diesel contaminated soils to the subantarctic earthworm 'Microscolex macquariensis'Mooney, Thomas James; King, Catherine; Wasley, Jane; Andrew, Nigel R 12-Mar-2013

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