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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Encounters With Comforting Uncertainties: Understanding Unobtrusive MethodsScott, John ; Donovan, Raymond31-Mar-2010
21992Editorial - Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies - Journal Number 7, September 1992Ryan, John S 7-Mar-2013
32015Symbiosism, Symbiomism and the perils of memetic managementvan Driem, George15-Dec-2017
42012Universals and specifics of 'time' in RussianGladkova, Anna 15-May-2013
52009К вопросу о семантическом статуче глагола считатьGladkova, Anna 19-Jan-2012
62015Adjectival constructions in Bodo and Tibeto-BurmanDeLancey, Scott 3-Jan-2018
72009Weaving Paid Work, Informal Sector Work and Motherhood in Harare (Zimbabwe): A New Arena For Research?Mapedzahama, Virginia 28-Jun-2013
82010Review of 'Hidden hands and divided landscapes: a penal history of Singapore's plural history' Author: Anoma PieriesShinde, Kiran 27-May-2010
92010Globalisation of Culture in the Context of Globalism/Localism and Homogenisation/Fragmentation DebatesGamage, Sirisena ; Gamage, Chamira9-Dec-2011
102014IntroductionJenkins, Bertram A ; Branagan, Marty 18-Nov-2014

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