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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Mutilation and Beautification: Legal Responses to Genital SurgeriesKennedy, Aileen 20-Nov-2009
22010Intraspecific variation in essential oil composition of 'Eremophila longifolia' F. Muell. (Myoporaceae): Evidence for three chemotypesSmith, Joshua Eachan; Alter, Daniel ; Tucker, David ; Watson, Kenneth ; Jones, Graham L 30-Jul-2010
32014"What Will You Do with Our Stories?" Truth and Reconciliation in the Solomon IslandsVella, Louise24-Sep-2014
42012Truckies: Life Behind The WheelKarp, Jann24-May-2013
52017Post-Worldview?: A dialogic meta-narrative analysis of North-South, South-South, and Southern theoryDenman, Brian 9-Nov-2017
62012Review of Andrew Milner, 'Locating Science Fiction' (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2012). Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies, 44, Pp. 244. Hb £70.00. ISBN: 9781846318429.Hawkins, Julie 29-May-2013
72012Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies - An issue featuring aspects of the present outreach of Australian Folkloric WritingsRyan, John S ; Smith, Robert James27-May-2013
82012All washed up: have surf megabrands forgotten their roots?Warren, Andrew ; Gibson, Chris15-May-2013
92011Etnometodologia sotto le cancellatureLivingston, Eric 7-Feb-2012
102010Geographic Information Technologies for cultural research: cultural mapping and the prospects of colliding epistemologiesGibson, Chris; Brennan-Horley, Chris; Warren, Andrew 15-May-2013

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