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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Recommendations for Estimation of Variance Components for International Sire EvaluationTyriseva, A-M; Meyer, Karin ; Fikse, F; Ducrocq, V; Jakobsen, J; Lidauer, MH; Mantysaari, EA23-Nov-2011
22012Beyond Genome Wide Association Tests in the Livestock Industry: Genetic Architecture of Growth and Carcass Weight in HanwooLee, Seung Hwan; Choi, B H; Lim, D; Cho, Y M; Gondro, Cedric ; Dang, C G; Kim, H C; Jeon, K J; Yeon, S H; Yang, B S26-Mar-2013
32008Behavioral aspects of electronic bull separation and mate allocation in multiple-sire mating paddocksLee, Caroline ; Pragaya, K C; Fisher, Andrew; Henshall, John M27-Oct-2014
42009Parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis of fat deposition models in beef steers using acslXtremeMcPhee, Malcolm John ; Oltjen, Jim; Fadel, James; Mayer, David; Sainz, Roberto31-Oct-2011
52007Impact of genotype and fetal and pre-weaning growth on steroidogenic capacity of the adult bovine adrenalCoulter, C L; Greenwood, Paul; Dunn, S L; Salkeld, M D9-Oct-2014
62008Estimation of genetic parameters: it takes three to tangoMeyer, Karin 3-Nov-2009
72007Regrouping unfamiliar animals in the weeks prior to slaughter has few effects on physiology and meat quality in 'Bos taurus' feedlot steersColditz, Ian ; Ferguson, Drewe ; Greenwood, Paul; Doogan, VJ; Petherick, JC; Kilgour, RJ14-Dec-2011
82018Sperm abnormality traits can contribute to the genetic evaluation for male and female reproduction in tropical beef genotypesWolcott, M L ; Johnston, D J ; Corbet, N J8-Jul-2019
92011Genome analysis to identify QTL and genes affecting carcass traits in Hanwoo ('Korean cattle')Lee, Seung Hwan; Thompson, John ; Gibson, John ; Werf, Julius Van Der ; Gondro, Cedric 17-Jan-2012
102005Assessing the accuracy of modelling weight gain of cattle using feed efficiency dataRobinson, Dorothy L 4-Nov-2009

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