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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Economics and Policy of Food ProductionRola-Budzen, MF; Hardaker, John Brian2-Jul-2010
22006Organic food demand: A focus group study involving Caucasian and African-American shoppersZepeda, L; Chang, Christie ; Leviten-Reid, C8-Feb-2012
32013The Market for Animal-Source Foods in Uganda: Looking Beyond Quantity: Rapid Apprasial of Consumer Preferences for Retail Outlets, Retail Forms and Safety and Quality AttributesBaker, Derek ; Mtimet, Nadhem; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Jagwe, John23-Sep-2014
42006A Reappraisal of the Role of Agriculture in Economic Growth in Melanesian CountriesFleming, E ; Fleming, PA29-Sep-2008
52013Questions that Count: A Livestock Module for Multi-topic Household SurveysPica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Zezza, Alberto; Baker, Derek ; Morgan, Nancy23-Sep-2014
62005Agriculture, food insecurity and agricultural policy in EthiopiaKhairo, S A; Battese, George Edward ; Mullen, J D9-Feb-2012
72005A study of technical inefficiencies of maize farmers within and outside the new agricultural extension program in the Harari region of EthiopiaKhairo, S A; Battese, George Edward 13-Feb-2012
81993Farm Debt Mediation: A Review of the Possibilities: A discussion paper based on a study tour of farm debt mediation programs in the United StatesGinnivan, Denis7-Nov-2019
92014Technical efficiency in competing panel data models: A study of Norwegian grain farmingKumbhakar, Subal C; Lien, Gudbrand; Hardaker, John Brian6-Nov-2017
102013Administrative Records for Official Statistics: Food for Thought on Uganda's Livestock DataOkello, Julius; Sserruga, Joseph; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Baker, Derek 26-Sep-2014

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