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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Partners in a Learning Culture: Australia's National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy for vocational education & training 2000-2005Boughton, Robert George ; Durnan, Deborah; Bowman, K; Loveder, P; Saunders, J; Jones, M9-Oct-2009
22014ACEC2014 - Developing Quicksmart Online To Engage LearnersDoyle, Helen; Belson, Stephanie; Taber, Lorraine; Reading, Christine E 23-Feb-2016
32009Distance Education Hub (DEHub)Tynan, Belinda12-Apr-2010
42008The New Social Disease: From High Tech Depersonalization to Survival of the SoulLaura, Ronald S; Marchant, Tim; Smith, Susen7-Oct-2009
520126th New England Bach FestivalThorn, Benjamin 2-Oct-2014
62011Poet ZincThorn, Benjamin 2-Oct-2014
72009The Effectiveness of Chaplaincy As Provided by the National School Chaplaincy Association to Government Schools in Australia.Hughes, Phillip; Sims, Margaret 16-Apr-2010
820084th New England Bach FestivalThorn, Benjamin 2-Oct-2014
92010Synthesis: Comparability, Convergence and Congruence?Vlaardingerbroek, Barend; Taylor, Neil 8-Sep-2011
102014Acknowledgements - and the recent passing of Warren Newman (1938-2013)Ryan, John S 24-Nov-2014

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