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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Dysfunctional bureaucracy, corruption and weak rule of law: a case study of policy implementation in the PhilippinesReyes, Vicente26-Feb-2016
28-Sep-2021A Perceived Zone of Certainty and Uncertainty: Propositions for Research DevelopmentPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 22-Sep-2021
32010Theory and Research into Practice: Educational NeuroscienceGeake, John 1-Jun-2011
42003The Faculty Mentor Program in the Sciences: an innovative approach to supporting student learningGodwin, Julie ; Muldoon, Robyn 25-Sep-2008
52012Narrative Theory Versus Truth: A Poststructuralist Reading in Environmental EducationHardy, Joy 7-Aug-2012
62008Mobilising the Ethiopian knowledge Diasporas: Framing the issuesAmazan, Rose 14-Jan-2016
72012Review of Kale Bantigue Fajardo, 'Filipino Crosscurrents: Oceanographies of Seafaring, Masculinities and Globalization', Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2011, xii+251 pp., $25 (paper)Reyes, Vicente11-Apr-2014
82017The Contribution of IUPAC to Polymer Science EducationChan, Chin Han; Fellows, Chris ; Hess, Michael; Hiorns, Roger C; Hoven, Voravee P; Russell, Gregory T; dos Santos, Claudio G; Sturcova, Adriana; Theato, Patrick5-Jan-2018
92016Optimal Outcomes at School: A Focus on Theoretical Tenets for ConsiderationPhan, Huy ; Ngu, Bing 29-Jan-2016
102015Polymer Education in AustraliaFellows, Chris 14-Jan-2016

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