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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Kinetic Simulation of Methacrolein and Lactone Production from the Catalytic Oxidation of Isobutane over Lanthanide PhosphomolybdatesKendell, Shane; Alston, Amy-Sue; Brown, Trevor C 5-Mar-2010
22016Physiological responses of a Southern Ocean diatom to complex future ocean conditionsBoyd, P W; Dillingham, Peter ; Nunn, B L; McGraw, Christina ; Armstrong, E A; Cornwall, C E; Feng, Y; Hurd, C L; Gault-Ringold, M; Roleda, M Y; Timmins-Schiffman, E30-Mar-2016
32005The Design, Synthesis and Geometric Analysis of Large Centrally Functionalised Porphyrin-Spacer-PorphyrinsGaynor, Shaun Patrick; Gunter, Maxwell J 10-Jan-2013
42004A Molecular Linkage Map of Olive (Olea europaea L.) Based on RAPD, Microsatellite, and SCAR MarkersWu, S ; Collins, G; Sedgley, M 13-May-2008
52008Identification of a non-purple tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase: an evolutionary link to Ser/Thr protein phosphatases?Hadler, KS; Huber, T; Cassady, Alan ; Weber, JE; Robinson, J; Burrows, A; Guddat, LW; Hume, D; Schenk, G; Flanagan, J28-Jul-2011
6Jun-2021AOSR 2.0: A Novel Approach and Thorough Validation of an Agent-Oriented Storage and Retrieval WMS Planner for SMEs, under Industry 4.0Ud Din, Fareed ; Paul, David ; Ryan, Joe; Henskens, Frans; Wallis, Mark17-Oct-2021
72002Effects of a Degeneracy in the Competition Model Part I.: Classical and Generalized Steady-State SolutionsDu, Y 27-Jun-2008
825-Jun-2019An Efficient Method to Calculate Genomic Prediction Accuracy for New IndividualsFerdosi, Mohammad H ; Connors, Natalie K ; Tier, Bruce 21-Apr-2020
92013Chemical and biological characterisation of solvent extracts and essential oils from leaves and fruit of two Australian species of 'Pittosporum' (Pittosporaceae) used in aboriginal medicinal practiceSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 31-Jan-2013
102009Characteristics of flowering stems and raceme position in macadamiaWilkie, John D; Sedgley, Margaret ; Morris, Stephen; Muldoon, Steven; Olesen, Trevor D11-Mar-2010

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