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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009The role of 'educated native speakers' in providing language analysis for the determination of the origin of asylum seekersFraser, Helen B 26-Mar-2010
22007Categories and concepts in phonology: Theory and practiceFraser, Helen Beatrice 18-Aug-2009
32013Polybios und die Inschriften: Zum Sprachgebrauch des HistorikersKoehn, Clemens 24-May-2019
42009Opportunities and Risks in the Development of the NSW Shipping Industry, 1821-1850Holcomb, Janette; Roberts, David ; Atkinson, Alan14-Sep-2009
52010Die Vorstellung von Restauration und Expansion in der auswartigen Politik JustiniansKoehn, Clemens 31-May-2019
61993The Exhibit: Robert Browning's The Ring and The Book and Nineteenth-Century ArchaeologyMcDonell, Jennifer A 22-Jul-2021
7Jan-2010Imitation of (American) Life: Accidents HappenHopgood, Fincina 26-Jul-2021
82007Physical-Ecological Interactions in a Lowland River System: Large Wood, Hydraulic Complexity and Native Fish Associations in the River Murray, AustraliaHughes, V; Thoms, Martin ; Nicol, SJ; Koehn, JD7-Sep-2011
92003Japanese Students' Perceptions of Difficulties with Study Activities at an Australian UniversityYamada, Kiyomi 1-Apr-2010
102017Tendenzen in der Gesetzgebung Marc Aurels am Beispiel des Erb- und Familienrechts. Zum Kontext des Senatusconsultum OrfitianumKoehn, Clemens 29-May-2019

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