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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Education in Parapsychology: Student and Instructor PerspectivesIrwin, Harvey J5-Mar-2014
22014Psychoform and Somatoform Dissociation in a Clinical Sample of Australian AdolescentsPullin, Melanie A; Webster, Rosemary A; Hanstock, Tanya7-Mar-2014
32014A Theoretical Model of Co-worker Responses to Work Reintegration ProcessesDunstan, Debra ; Maceachen, Ellen29-Apr-2014
42014Farmers' accuracy interpreting seasonal climate forecast probabilityCoventry, William L ; Dalgleish, LI2-May-2014
52015Thinking Style and the Making of a Paranormal DisbeliefIrwin, Harvey J13-Jul-2015
62015The Role of Doublethink and Other Coping Processes in Paranormal and Related BeliefsIrwin, Harvey J; Dagnall, Neil; Drinkwater, Kenneth2-Jul-2015
72014Within the boundary fence: an investigation into the perceptions of men's experience of depression in rural and remote areas of AustraliaPatterson-Kane, Lisa; Quirk, Frances4-Jun-2014
82014Experiences of Marijuana-Vaporizer UsersMalouff, John M ; Rooke, Sally E ; Copeland, Jan14-May-2014
92014The Treatment of Comorbid Anxiety in a Male With Poorly Controlled Diabetes in a Very Remote Primary Health Care ServiceCaldwell, Julia M; Patterson-Kane, Lisa18-Jun-2014
102013Enhancing climate change communication: strategies for profiling and targeting Australian interpretive communitiesHine, Donald W ; Phillips, Wendy J ; Reser, Joseph P; Cooksey, Ray W ; Marks, Anthony ; Nunn, Patrick ; Watt, Susan E ; Ellul, Michelle24-May-2013

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