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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Whose? L2 English speakers' possessive pronoun gender errorsAnton-Mendez, Ines 25-Jul-2011
21977Aboriginal Rock Art in Carnarvon Gorge, South Central QueenslandQuinnell, Michael Clifford; McBryde, Isabel9-Mar-2016
32006Compassion as an Antidote to CrueltyFox, MA 13-May-2008
42016Understanding cinematic stereoscopy in the digital screen periodHare, Dave; Williamson, Dugald G; Griggs, Yvonne 1-Feb-2018
52005Transaction and abatement costs of carbon-sink projects in developing countriesCacho, OJ ; Marshall, GR ; Milne, M13-May-2008
62005The Design, Synthesis and Geometric Analysis of Large Centrally Functionalised Porphyrin-Spacer-PorphyrinsGaynor, Shaun Patrick; Gunter, Maxwell J 10-Jan-2013
72-Jan-2020Assessing the Impacts of Tillage and Mulch on Soil Erosion and Corn YieldChalise, Devraj; Kumar, Lalit ; Sharma, Reena; Kristiansen, Paul 9-Apr-2020
82006Indian Labour, Labour Standards, and Workers' Health in Burma and Malaya, 1900-1940Kaur, A 13-May-2008
91984The Pigna Barney Ophiolitic Complex and Associated Basaltic Rocks, Northeastern New South Wales, AustraliaCross, Kenneth Charles; Harrington, HJ; Korsch, RJ; Wilkinson, JFG11-Jan-2013
101984James Barnet - New South Wales Colonial Architect (1865-1890): 'an underpaid officer of the Government'McDonald, Donald Ian; Mitchell, Bruce11-Jan-2013

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