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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12019Supervisory Teaching and Its Impact on Student Agency in Primary ClassroomsCrowhurst, Paul26-Sep-2019
227-Oct-2020Major and trace element concentrations, stable isotope ratios, and water contents for volcanic glasses from the Bonin forearc (IODP Expedition 352)Coulthard, Daniel A; Reagan, Mark K; Shimizu, Kenji; Bindeman, Ilya N; Brounce, Maryjo; Almeev, Renat R; Ryan, Jeffrey; Chapman, Timothy ; Shervais, John; Pearce, Julian A8-Sep-2021
32019The anatomy of a crushing bite: the specialised cranial mechanics of a giant extinct kangarooMitchell, D Rex 13-Aug-2019
42019Interactions between two species of recently-sympatric invasive honeybees: Apis cerana induces aggression in Apis mellifera during foragingGross, Caroline ; Whitehead, Joshua ; Mackay, Ellis; Mackay, Keith Daivd ; Andrew, Nigel ; Paini, Dean30-Aug-2019
5Mar-2016Remotely sensed data of a NSW wheat crop with 2-class fertiliser requirement labelsSchneider, Derek 11-Mar-2020
618-Nov-2019Yugul Mangi Faiya En Sisen KelendaEns, Emilie J; McKemey, Michelle Beverley 15-Nov-2019
719-May-2021I Bet There's an App for That: Using Mental Health Apps for Reducing Anxiety and DepressionMarshall, Jamie M; Dunstan, Debra ; Bartik, Warren 30-Aug-2021
819-Oct-2019Prisoners discharged from Victorian prisons 1864-1869Finnane, Mark; Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish 1-Dec-2021
93-Dec-2021The Magistrates of Van Diemen's Land, 1804-1860: Identified, Counted and CodedRoberts, David Andrew ; Strike, Margaret 6-Dec-2021
1027-Aug-2021The drivers and consequences of change to the physical character of waterholes on an Australian dryland riverPearson, Marita ; Reid, Michael ; Miller, Cara ; Ryder, Darren 27-Aug-2021

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