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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011High school dropouts returning to study: The influence of the teacher and family during secondary schoolWhannell, Robert ; Allen, William12-Apr-2019
22012Review of 'Restless Spirits: The Life and Times of a Wandering Artist' By Cassi Plate. Pan Macmillan, Sydney, 2005 (337 pages, ISBN 0330421646)Ryan, John C 16-May-2017
314-Nov-2010Language centre as language revitalisation strategy: a case study from the PilbaraDixon, Sally ; Deak, Eleonora26-Aug-2020
42011Recalling 'Walden': Thoreau's Embodied Aesthetics and Australian Writings on PlaceRyan, John C 11-May-2017
52010Botanic Field Aesthetics: A Methodology of Embodied Research into Indigenous Southwest FloraRyan, John C 16-May-2017
62009'Plants That Perform For You'? From Floral Aesthetics to 'Floraesthesis' in the Southwest of Western AustraliaRyan, John C 4-Jun-2017
72016Food Crime in FinlandLahteenmaki-Uutela, Anu; Tahkapaa, Satu; Nummela, Heidi; Marimuthu, Sharllene 14-May-2018
82019Insulin-Like Growth Factor I and II mRNA Levels in Rumen Wall of Calves Fed with Different Physical Forms of DietsAkbari, S.; Mahyari, S Ansari; Mahdavi, A H; Zahmatkesh, A.; Dehnavi, E 27-Aug-2021
92013The History of Postverbal Agreement in Kuki-ChinDelancey, Scott 21-Oct-2014
102009Transformational Learners: Transformational TeachersJones, Marguerite A17-Feb-2017

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