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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Genomic estimation of additive and dominance genetic variation and their effect on the accuracy of genomic prediction of sheepMoghaddar, N ; van der Werf, J H J 8-Mar-2016
22010Mechanical Properties of Brick Vault and Adobe Piers - A Heritage Case StudyMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Eslami, A14-Mar-2013
32012A Review Of Non-Destructive Test Methods: Appropriate Choice Of A Method For Use With Timber Beam Bridge GirdersGlencross-Grant, Rex ; Moore, John Chisnall ; Patterson, Robert 27-Feb-2013
42012Use of SNP Marker Data to Analyse Population Structure in Crossbred SheepWeerasinghe, Shalanee; Gondro, Cedric ; Henshall, John M; Jeyaruban, M Gilbert ; Gibson, John 26-Mar-2013
52012Exploring the Determinants of Memorable Tourism ExperiencesChandralal, Lalith; Valenzuela, Fredy 28-Mar-2013
62015Identifying Core Elements of Argument-Based Inquiry in Primary Mathematics LearningFielding-Wells, Jill 17-Jun-2022
72015How Inquiry Pedagogy Enables Teachers to Facilitate Growth Mindsets in Mathematics ClassroomsO'Brien, Mia; Fielding-Wells, Jill ; Makar, Katie; Hillman, Jude17-Jun-2022
82008Trilobite Clusters: What do they tell us? A preliminary investigationPaterson, John Richard ; Hughes, NC; Chatterton, BDE20-Mar-2012
92019Introducing Guided Mathematical Inquiry in the Classroom: Complexities of Developing Norms of EvidenceFielding-Wells, Jill ; Fry, Kym31-May-2022
102016"Mathematics is just 1+1=2, what is there to argue about?": Developing a Framework for Argument-Based Mathematical InquiryFielding-Wells, Jill 31-May-2022

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