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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014The Multiple Sclerosis Work Difficulties Questionnaire (MSWDQ): development of a shortened scaleHonan, Cynthia A; Brown, Rhonda ; Hine, Don W 1-May-2014
22013A Review of Psychodrama and Group ProcessYehoshua,; Chung, Siu17-Apr-2014
3Aug-2017A New CBT Model of Panic Attack Treatment in Comorbid Heart Diseases (PATCHD): How to Calm an Anxious Heart and MindTully, Phillip J ; Sardinha, Aline; Nardi, Antonio E27-Apr-2022
4Jan-2017A Randomised Controlled Trial on the Effect of Nurse-Led Educational Intervention at the Time of Catheter Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation on Quality of Life, Symptom Severity and RehospitalisationBowyer, John L; Tully, Phillip J ; Ganesan, Anand N; Chahadi, Fahd K; Singleton, Cameron B; McGavigan, Andrew D28-Apr-2022
52020Sex-specific associations between sleep and mental health in university students: a large cross-sectional studyMontagni, Ilaria; Qchiqach, Sarah; Pereira, Edwige; Tully, Phillip J ; Tzourio, Christophe19-Apr-2022
61-Feb-2019Exploiting Drug-Apolipoprotein E Gene Interactions in Hypertension to Preserve Cognitive Function: The 3-City Cohort StudyTully, Phillip J ; Helmer, Catherine; Peters, Ruth; Tzourio, Christophe28-Apr-2022
7Sep-2018Effect of SSRI and calcium channel blockers on depression symptoms and cognitive function in elderly persons treated for hypertension: three city cohort studyTully, Phillip J ; Peters, Ruth; Pérès, Karine; Anstey, Kaarin J; Tzourio, Christophe11-May-2022
82012Evidence About the Effectiveness of Treatments Related to TinnitusNoble, William 16-Aug-2012
9Oct-2018Health-related quality of life in coronary heart disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis mapped against the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and HealthLe, Jana; Dorstyn, Diana S; Mpofu, Elias; Prior, Elise; Tully, Phillip J 27-Apr-2022
10Jul-2018The association between systolic blood pressure variability with depression, cognitive decline and white matter hyperintensities: The 3C Dijon MRI studyTully, P J ; Debette, S; Tzourio, C28-Apr-2022

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