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12016Monitoring the resilience of rivers as social-ecological systems: a paradigm shift for river assessment in the twenty-first centuryParsons, Melissa ; Thoms, Martin ; Flotemersch, Joe; Reid, Michael 5-Jul-2016
22005Floodplain-river ecosystems: Fragmentation and water resources developmentThoms, Martin ; Southwell, Mark ; McGinness, H M25-Jul-2011
32008An approach for assessing the physical condition of rivers at the catchment scaleHarris, CD; Thoms, Martin ; Rayburg, S; Parsons, Melissa 8-Sep-2011
42008Identifying relationships between flood history, flood frequency and the provenance of surface sediments in a semi-arid terminal wetlandRayburg, SC; Thoms, Martin 5-Sep-2011
52006In-channel geomorphic complexity: The key to the dynamics of organic matter in large dryland rivers?Sheldon, Fran; Thoms, Martin 5-Sep-2011
62007The distribution of heavy metals in a highly regulated river: the River Murray, AustraliaThoms, Martin 5-Sep-2011
72006Linking pattern and process: the effects of hydraulic conditions on cobble biofilm metabolism in an Australian upland streamReid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin 7-Sep-2011
82008Spatial and Temporal Variations in Hydraulic Habitat in a Complex Floodplain-wetland SystemRayburg, S C; Thoms, Martin 8-Sep-2011
92006Variety is the spice of river life: recognizing hydraulic diversity as a tool for managing flows in regulated riversThoms, Martin ; Reid, Michael ; Christianson, K; Munro, F5-Sep-2011
102007Physical-Ecological Interactions in a Lowland River System: Large Wood, Hydraulic Complexity and Native Fish Associations in the River Murray, AustraliaHughes, V; Thoms, Martin ; Nicol, SJ; Koehn, JD7-Sep-2011