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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Kinetic Simulation of Methacrolein and Lactone Production from the Catalytic Oxidation of Isobutane over Lanthanide PhosphomolybdatesKendell, Shane; Alston, Amy-Sue; Brown, Trevor C 5-Mar-2010
22006Relationship between stress and relapse in multiple sclerosis: part 1: Important featuresBrown, RF ; Tennant, CC; Sharrock, M; Hodgkinson, S; Dunn, SM; Pollard, JD13-May-2008
32005Contemporary Issues in Gerontology: Promoting positive ageingMinichiello, Victor ; Coulson, Irene5-Mar-2010
42011Whose? L2 English speakers' possessive pronoun gender errorsAnton-Mendez, Ines 25-Jul-2011
52004Development and validation of a radioimmunoassay for fish insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and the effect of aquaculture related stressors on circulating IGF-I levelsDyer, Anthony R; Upton, Zee; Stone, David; Thomas, Philip; Soole, Kathleen Lydia; Higgs, Naomi; Quinn, Kirsty; Carragher, John F10-Jun-2014
62014Genomic estimation of additive and dominance genetic variation and their effect on the accuracy of genomic prediction of sheepMoghaddar, N ; van der Werf, J H J 8-Mar-2016
71977Aboriginal Rock Art in Carnarvon Gorge, South Central QueenslandQuinnell, Michael Clifford; McBryde, Isabel9-Mar-2016
82010Microarray analysis of genes differentially expressed in the liver of lean and fat chickensWang, H B; Wang, Q G; Zhang, X Y; Gu, X F; Wang, N; Wu, Shubiao ; Li, H8-Mar-2010
91997Visual Heresy and Popular Religion in Early Modern EuropeFudge, Thomas 10-Jun-2014
102006Compassion as an Antidote to CrueltyFox, MA 13-May-2008

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