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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Evidence against early nineteenth century major European induced environmental impacts by illegal settlers in the New England Tablelands, south eastern AustraliaWoodward, Craig; Chang, Jie; Zawadzki, Atun; Shulmeister, James; Haworth, Robert J; Collecutt, Sasha; Jacobsen, Geraldine17-Jul-2013
22010Palaeoscolecid scleritome fragments with 'Hadimopanella' plates from the early Cambrian of South AustraliaTopper, Timothy P; Brock, Glenn A; Skovsted, Christian B; Paterson, John R 7-Oct-2010
32016Systematics, biogeography and palaeoecology of Cambrian Series 3 trilobites and agnostids from East GondwanaHally, Lee Ann; Paterson, John R ; Metcalfe, Ian 8-Feb-2018
42012Decoding near-concordant U-Pb zircon ages spanning several hundred million years: recrystallisation, metamictisation or diffusion?Haplin, JA; Daczko, NR; Milan, Luke ; Clarke, GL27-Oct-2014
52009Granulite facies thermal aureoles and metastable amphibolite facies assemblages adjacent to the Western Fiordland Orthogneiss in southwest Fiordland, New ZealandAllibone, A H; Milan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; Turnbull, I M27-Oct-2014
62008Polar dinosaurs on parade: a review of dinosaur migrationBell, Phil ; Snively, Eric27-Oct-2014
72008Early Cambrian Arthropods from the Emu Bay Shale Lagerst√§tte, South AustraliaPaterson, John Richard ; Jago, JB; Gehling, JG; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Edgecombe, GD; Lee, MSY20-Mar-2012
82008Trilobite Clusters: What do they tell us? A preliminary investigationPaterson, John Richard ; Hughes, NC; Chatterton, BDE20-Mar-2012
92009Metastable persistence of pelitic metamorphic assemblages at the root of a Cretaceous magmatic arc - Fiordland, New ZealandDaczko, NR; Milan, Luke ; Halpin, JA27-Oct-2014
102009Plutonic rocks of western Fiordland, New Zealand: field relations, geochemistry, correlation, and nomenclatureAllibone, A H; Jongens, R; Turnbull, I M; Milan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; De Paoli, M C; Tulloch, A J30-Oct-2014

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