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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12019Energy requirements for maintenance of growing Saanen goats considering degree of maturitySouza, A P; St-Pierre, N R; Fernandes, M H M R; Almeida, A K ; Vargas, J A C; Resende, K T; Teixeira, I A M A29-May-2020
22019Predicting empty body weight in Pelibuey and Katahdin suckling lambsChay-Canul, A J; Salazar-Cuytun, E R; Ojeda Robertos, N F; Garcia-Herrera, R A; Chizzotti, M L; Almeida, A K 29-May-2020
37-Dec-2018Net macromineral requirements for maintenance in male and female Saanen goats: A meta-analytical approachTeixeira, I; Vargas, J; Almeida, A ; Souza, A; Harter, C; Fernandes, M; Resende, K20-Aug-2020

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