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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018Dietary Stress and Animal Resource Use at the Postclassic Maya city, Mayapan (Mexico)Ledogar, Sarah Heins 24-Jan-2019
22004Early Metallurgy of the Persian Gulf: Technology, Trade, and the Bronze Age WorldWeeks, Lloyd 8-Apr-2014
32018Isotopic evidence for broad diet including anadromous fish during the mid-Holocene in northeastern North AmericaLedogar, Sarah ; Feranec, Robert; Zuhlke, Jessica4-Jul-2018
42011Specialization and social inequality in Bronze Age SE Arabia: analyzing the development of production strategies and economic networks using agent-based modelingRouse, Lynne M; Weeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
52009Lead Isotope Analyses of Bronze Age Copper-Base Artefacts from Al-Midamman, Yemen: Towards the Identification of an Indigenous Metal Production and Exchange System in the Southern Red Sea RegionWeeks, Lloyd ; Keall, E; Pashley, V; Evans, J; Stock, S28-Apr-2014
62013The development and expansion of a Neolithic way of lifeWeeks, Lloyd 23-Apr-2014
72004An analysis of Late Pre-Islamic copper-base artefacts from Ed Dur, U.A.E.Weeks, Lloyd 28-Apr-2014
82002A Recent Archaeological Survey on Soqotra: Report on the preliminary expedition season, January 5th-February 2nd 2001Weeks, Lloyd ; Morris, Miranda; McCall, Bernadette; Al-Zubairy, Khalil28-Apr-2014
92009Excavations at Tol-e NurabadWeeks, Lloyd ; Alizadeh, K S; Niakan, L; Alamdari, K; Khosrowzadeh, A; Zeidi, M23-Jan-2015
102009Perspectives on the Cultural Sequence of MamasaniPetrie, C A; Weeks, Lloyd ; Potts, D T; Roustaei, K23-Jan-2015

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