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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Renewed Ethno-Nationalist Insurgency in Balochistan, Pakistan: The Militarized State and Continuing Economic DevelopmentKhan, Adeel24-Jun-2014
22007Winifred Ann Trinidade, Folklorist and Teller of Stories from the Past: To her Pupils in Australia and to the (Neo-Mediaeval and Folkloric) Scholarly WorldsTrinidade, A; Ryan, John Sprott ; Minahan, S29-May-2009
32007Introduction: In the Margins of AnthropologyHulme, P; McDougall, Russell John 19-May-2009
42010Probing the roles of governance and greed in civil strife in West AfricaWare, Helen ; Ogunmola, Oyedele A16-Sep-2010
52015The Past in the Present: Comprising An Exegesis And The Novel 'Too Long a Night'Adeleke, John Adedapo; McDougall, Russell ; Fisher, Jeremy ; Williamson, Dugald 30-Mar-2015
62012Ecocritics have never been Green: Editor's NoteBristow, Thomas ; Harris, Stephen 28-Aug-2014
72010Obituary: Patricia Wrightson (1921-2010): Australian Synthesiser of Settler and Indigenous LoreHawkins, Julie 20-Oct-2011
8Nov-2009Socio-Economic Injustice and Cronyism: Warlordism and Taylorism in the Sierra Leone Civil WarOgunmola, Oyedele Adesokan29-Sep-2010
92014Introduction to Comic Empires -- Cartoons, Caricature, and Imperialism: A SymposiumScully, Richard 19-Jan-2015
102010Mining the Rocky River: Some Aspects of On-going Research on 19th Century Mining Hydrology and the Chinese Presence on the Rocky River GoldfieldO'Donohue, Peter 27-Jun-2011

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