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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Household livelihoods in Solomon Islands squatter settlements and its implications for education and development in post-conflict contextMaebuta, Jack ; Maebuta, Helen Esther28-Oct-2010
22011Equity: A key benchmark for students and staff in an era of changing demands, changing directionsWillems, Julie 22-Feb-2012
32015Telling and Listening: Reconnecting people's learning with their lives... and societyThomas, Eryn28-Sep-2015
42004The Faculty Mentor Program: An initiative to support the transition to university of on-campus students at a regional universityMuldoon, Robyn 26-Sep-2008
52008Building Innovative Partnerships Develops Future Leaders in HealthcareHogan, K; Macdonald, Ian David; Sheridan, Alison Jane ; Field, K3-Sep-2009
62012Facing the methodology challenge: Using pre-existing data in an inquiry guided by grounded theory methodologyFoster, Dennis James26-Mar-2015
72013Listening to their Stories - Chinese Families Sharing their Lived Experiences in Australia and their Children's Mathematics LearningMok, Angel 29-Jun-2017
82008What are the theoretical relationships between Music, Film Music, and Emotions, and what are the implications for a semiotic analysis of Affect in Narrative Film?Noad, Betty Jean11-Jan-2010
92011Bhutan's First Library Qualification, Background and DevelopmentRansom, Sylvia 4-May-2012
102008Student Teacher Self-Efficacy: Scaffolded and unscaffolded reflectionJones, Marguerite Ann8-Jan-2010