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12009Magnetic Compass of Birds Is Based on a Molecule with Optimal Directional SensitivityRitz, Thorsten; Wiltschko, Roswitha; Hore, P J; Rodgers, Christopher T; Stapput, Katrin; Thalau, Peter; Timmel, Christiane R; Wiltschko, Wolfgang27-Oct-2014
22010Photoreceptor-based magnetoreception: optimal design of receptor molecules, cells, and neuronal processingRitz, Thorsten; Ahmad, Margaret; Mouritsen, Henrik; Wiltschko, Roswitha; Wiltschko, Wolfgang27-Oct-2014
32010Lateralization of magnetic compass orientation in pigeonsWilzeck, Christiane; Wiltschko, Wolfgang; Gunturkun, Onur; Wiltschko, Roswitha; Prior, Helmut27-Oct-2014
42010Directional orientation of birds by the magnetic field under different light conditionsWiltschko, Roswitha; Stapput, Katrin; Thalau, Peter; Wiltschko, Wolfgang27-Oct-2014
52014Multiple species use of a water-filled tree hollow by vertebrates in dry woodland habitat of northern New South WalesVickers, Dana; Hunter, John T ; Hawes, Wendy23-Jun-2015
62012Tyrannosaur feeding traces on 'Deinocheirus' (Theropoda:?Ornithomimosauria) remains from the Nemegt Formation (Late Cretaceous), MongoliaBell, Phil ; Currie, Philip J; Lee, Yuong-Nam24-Apr-2014
72006The Influence of Nestbox Style and Entrance Hole Shape on Box Preferences of Mountain Bluebirds and Tree SwallowsPearman, Myrna; Beckmann, Christa 22-May-2018
82014Orientation of migratory birds under ultraviolet lightWiltschko, Roswitha; Munro, Ursula; Ford, Hugh ; Stapput, Katrin; Thalau, Peter; Wiltschko, Wolfgang21-Jul-2015
92018Interactions between Australian Ravens and raptors in a pastoral area of New South Wales: Interspecific aggression and nest-site spacingBauer, Alice L; McDonald, Paul 30-May-2018
102009Remote monitoring of crocodilians: implantation, attachment and release methods for transmitters and data-loggersFranklin, Craig E; Read, Mark A; Kraft, Peter G; Liebsch, Niko; Irwin, Steve R; Campbell, Hamish 3-Dec-2014