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12010Environmental Barcoding Reveals Massive Dinoflagellate Diversity in Marine EnvironmentsStern, Rowena F; Horak, Ales; Brand, Jerry; James, Erick R; Keeling, Patrick J; Andrew, Rose ; Coffroth, Mary-Alice; Anderson, Robert A; Kupper, Frithjof C; Jameson, Ian; Hoppenrath, Mona; Veron, Benoit; Kasai, Fumai18-Sep-2014
22012Adaptation with gene flow across the landscape in a dune sunflowerAndrew, Rose ; Ostevik, Katherine L; Ebert, Daniel P; Rieseberg, Loren H18-Sep-2014
32013Mandated data archiving greatly improves access to research dataVines, Timothy H; Andrew, Rose ; Veen, Thor; Yeaman, Sam; Bock, Dan G; Franklin, Michelle T; Gilbert, Kimberly J; Kane, Nolan C; Moore, Jean-Sebastien; Moyers, Brook T; Renault, Sebastien; Rennison, Diana J19-Sep-2014
42000Critical parameters in facilitating the evolution of N₂-fixing symbiosis between diazotrophs and cerealsKennedy, Ivan R; Pereg, Lily ; Deaker, Rosalind; Wood, Craig; Gilchrist, Kate; McFadden, David; Islam, Nazrul13-Aug-2013
5Oct-2018Flooding and prolonged drought have differential legacy impacts on soil nitrogen cycling, microbial communities and plant productivityNguyen, Linh T T ; Osanai, Yui ; Anderson, Ian C; Bange, Michael P; Tissue, David T; Singh, Brajesh K13-Jun-2019
6Mar-2018Responses of the soil microbial community to nitrogen fertilizer regimes and historical exposure to extreme weather events: Flooding or prolonged-droughtNguyen, Linh T T ; Osanai, Yui ; Lai, Kaitao; Anderson, Ian C; Bange, Michael P; Tissue, David T; Singh, Brajesh K13-Jun-2019
7Jul-2013Co-occurring grass species differ in their associated microbial community composition in a temperate native grasslandOsanai, Yui ; Bougoure, Damian S; Hayden, Helen L; Hovenden, Mark J13-Jun-2019
8May-2018Impacts of waterlogging on soil nitrification and ammonia-oxidizing communities in farming systemNguyen, Linh T T ; Osanai, Yui ; Anderson, Ian C; Bange, Michael P; Braunack, Michael; Tissue, David T; Singh, Brajesh K17-Apr-2019
9Aug-2016Carbon content and climate variability drive global soil bacterial diversity patternsDelgado-Baquerizo, Manuel ; Maestre, Fernando T; Reich, Peter B; Trivedi, Pankaj; Osanai, Yui ; Liu, Yu-Rong; Hamonts, Kelly; Jeffries, Thomas C; Singh, Brajesh K13-Jun-2019
10Jun-2015Warming and elevated CO₂ combine to increase microbial mineralisation of soil organic matterOsanai, Yui ; Janes, Jasmine K ; Newton, Paul C D; Hovenden, Mark J12-Jun-2019