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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Field monitoring of plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria by colony immunoblottingKrishnen, Ganisan; Kecskes, Mihaly L; Rose, Michael T; Geelan-Small, Peter; Amprayn, Khanok-on; Pereg, Lily ; Kennedy, Ivan R1-Nov-2011
22011Microbial Control: Three groups of fungi against western corn rootwormBahar, Md Habibullah31-Jan-2013
3Jul-2019Cointroductions of Australian acacias and their rhizobial mutualists in the Southern HemisphereWarrington, Staci; Ellis, Allan; Novoa, Ana; Wandrag, Elizabeth M ; Hulme, Philip E; Duncan, Richard P; Valentine, Alex; Le Roux, Johannes J30-Oct-2019
42012Identification of an Antagonistic Probiotic Combination Protecting Ornate Spiny Lobster ('Panulirus ornatus') Larvae against 'Vibrio owensii' InfectionGoulden, Evan Fletcher; Hall, Michael R; Pereg, Lily ; Hoj, Lone7-Aug-2012
514-Jan-2020Monitoring Fungal Communities With the Global Spore Sampling ProjectOvaskainen, Otso; Abrego, Nerea; Somervuo, Panu; Palorinne, Isabella; Hardwick, Bess; Pitkanen, Juha-Matti; Andrew, Nigel R ; Niklaus, Pascal A; Schmidt, Niels Martin; Seibold, Sebastian; Vogt, Juliane; Zakharov, Evgeny V; Hebert, Paul D N; Roslin, Tomas; Ivanova, Natalia V22-Jan-2020
62009Interactions of temperature and water potential in displacement of 'Fusarium pseudograminearum' from cereal residues by fungal antagonistsSingh, Dalvinder Pal; Backhouse, David ; Kristiansen, Paul 11-Mar-2010
7Sep-2013Reduced availability of rhizobia limits the performance but not invasiveness of introduced AcaciaWandrag, Elizabeth M ; Sheppard, Andy; Duncan, Richard P; Hulme, Philip E2-Oct-2019
82014Evaluation of Reference Genes for Gene Expression Analysis Using Quantitative RT-PCR in 'Azospirillum brasilense'McMillan, Mary ; Pereg, Lily 5-Jan-2015
92015Scoping the potential uses of beneficial microorganisms for increasing productivity in cotton cropping systemsPereg, Lily ; McMillan, Mary 5-Jan-2015
102014Cellular Responses during Morphological Transformation in 'Azospirillum brasilense' and Its flcA Knockout MutantHou, Xingsheng; McMillan, Mary ; Coumans-Moens, Joelle ; Poljak, Anne; Raftery, Mark; Pereg, Lily 8-Jan-2015

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