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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Recruitment and Selection Practices for Female Administrative Officers in Saudi Public Sector UniversitiesAlfawaz, Areej A; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy ; Harman, Kay Maree; Cooksey, Ray W 26-Mar-2018
22017Integrating sandfish ('H.scabra') aquaculture development with the social-ecological system of an artisanal fishery in Papua New GuineaPurdy, Derek Hamilton; Hadley, David ; Kenter, Jasper; Kinch, Jeffrey4-Apr-2018
32017Rural land policy and land use change in China: A dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) AnalysisWang, Can ; Siriwardana, Mahinda; Meng, Xianming 16-Mar-2018
4-Impact of environmental information disclosure and real estate segments on cost of debt: Evidence from the Chinese real estate industryFonseka, Mohan; Gao-Liang, Tian; Farooque, Omar Al 28-Oct-2019
515-Oct-2001Quantitative and molecular genetic influences on properties of beef: a reviewBurrow, H M ; Moore, S S; Johnston, D J ; Barendse, W; Bindon, B M29-Oct-2019
615-Oct-2001CRC breeding program design, measurements and database: methods that underpin CRC research resultsUpton, W ; Burrow, H M ; Dundon, A; Robinson, D L ; Farrell, E B29-Oct-2019
7Nov-2019An exploration of student learning for sustainability through the WikiRate student engagement projectWersun, Alec; Dean, Bonnie Amelia; Mills, Richard; Perkiss, Stephanie; Acosta, Pilar; Anastasiadis, Stephanos; Gibbons, Belinda; Gonzalez-Perez, Maria Alejandra; Heithaus, Theresa; Jun, Hannah; Mesicek, Roman H; Bayerlein, Leopold 30-Oct-2019
82017Adoption and impact of improved cassava varieties: Evidence from GhanaKondo, Kodjo; Fleming, Euan ; Cacho, Oscar J; Villano, Renato 5-Apr-2018
92017Foreign direct investment and new economic geography: Evidence from VietnamHoang, Hien Thanh; Chen, George ; Siriwardana, Mahinda20-Mar-2018
102016Corporate Governance Factors Affecting the Adoption of CSR Practices and Improved Financial Performance in Saudi Listed CompaniesAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Zamil; Sandhu, Kamaljeet ; Mihret, Dessalegn23-Nov-2016

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