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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Consumers' Perception and Causes' Attributes Influencing Consumers' Participation Willingness in Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns: Empirical Evidence from Saudi ArabiaAlharthi, Sager Saed S; Valenzuela-Abaca, Fredy ; Fisher, Josie A29-Mar-2018
22016The Role of Corporate Financial Control and Governance Mechanisms in the Successful Financial Management of a Small Not-For-Profit Organisation in AustraliaWilliam, Daisy ; Hovey, Martin ; Adapa, Sujana ; Kotey, Bernice ; Gibson, Brian 23-Dec-2016
32016Fostering Shared Services in Local Government: A Common Service ModelDollery, Brian E ; Kortt, Michael A ; Drew, Joseph 19-May-2017
42005Spreadsheet Modelling for FinanceHovey, Martin 1-Feb-2010
52013Electronic Retailing of Prepared Food in AustraliaAdapa, Sujana 29-Jul-2014
61999Education and the Gypsy People of Australia: The Untold StoryMorrow, Wendy; Bhindi, Narottam; Harman, Kay 17-Dec-2010
71996The Roles of Managerial Competence, Local Environment, and the Macro-Economy in Small Business FailureChamard, John Campbell; Wright, Victor 20-Dec-2010
82016Executive Compensation, Firm Performance and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Thai Listed CompaniesBuachoom, Wonlop; Farooque, Omar ; Hoang, Nam ; Sun, Lan 23-Dec-2016
92018Australian Organic: Market Report 2018Lawson, Andrew ; Cosby, Amy ; Baker, Derek ; Leu, Shawn ; Lefley, Ed; Euromonitor International,; Sahota, Amarjit; Bez, Nick; Christie, Rhiannon20-Jul-2018
102016Corporate Governance, Disclosure Quality and Financial Performance: A Comparative Study of Corporate Firms in Saudi Arabia and AustraliaFilfilan, Assaf Zaki; Farooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba ; Yaclin, Erkan17-Nov-2016

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