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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Oct-2019Family farms plus cooperatives in China: Technical efficiency in crop productionGong, Tianchen (Charles); Battese, George E ; Villano, Renato A 22-Oct-2019
21998An Economic Assessment of Management Programs for Land Degradation on a Regional, Farm and Paddock BasisWalpole, Sandra Christine; Sinden, John ; Duggin, John 7-Dec-2010
32019The space between - linking trust with individual and team performance in virtual teamsJaakson, Krista; Reino, Anne; McClenaghan, Peter 5-Mar-2019
42013Internet Banking Non-Users: Thematic Matrix Display AnalysisAdapa, Sujana ; Rindfleish, Jennifer M 29-Jul-2014
52011Continued And Frequent Use of Internet Banking by Australian Consumers: Identification of The Factor ComponentsAdapa, Sujana 29-Jul-2014
62013Economic aspects of post-border weed risk managementHester, Susan ; Cacho, Oscar J ; Panetta, F Dane; Hauser, Cindy E6-Jun-2013
72013Improving decisions for invasive species management: reformulation and extensions of the Panetta-Lawes eradication graphBurgman, Mark A; McCarthy, Michael A; Robinson, Andrew; Hester, Susan ; McBride, Marissa F; Elith, Jane; Panetta, F Dane6-Jun-2013
82016Summary Execution: The Impact of Alternative Summarization Strategies on Local GovernmentsDrew, Joseph ; Dollery, Brian E 22-May-2017
9Jan-2004The Newcomb Problem: An Unqualified ResolutionBurgess, Simon 25-Oct-2019
10Nov-2012Internal evaluation systems and the creation of a peerless bureaucracyBurgess, Simon 24-Oct-2019

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