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1Mar-2018Associations between reduced telomere length, depressed mood, anhedonia, and irritability in prostate cancer patients: Further evidence for the presence of "male depression"?Sharpley, Christopher F ; Christie, David R H ; Bitsika, Vicki ; Agnew, Linda L ; Andronicos, Nicholas M ; McMillan, Mary E 10-Apr-2019
2Dec-2018Background cortisol versus social anxiety as correlates of HPA-axis recovery from stress in boys with Autism Spectrum DisorderBitsika, Vicki ; Sharpley, Christopher F ; McMillan, Mary E ; Agnew, Linda L 15-Apr-2019
32017An Evaluation of a Professional Development Programme in Functional Behavior Assessment for Educators in AustraliaBitsika, Vicki ; Warren, Amalia C; Sharpley, Christopher F 16-Apr-2019
4Oct-2016A reclaimer scheduling problem arising in coal stockyard managementAngelelli, Enrico; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Kapoor, Reena; Savelsbergh, Martin W P26-Apr-2019
52017Fast object detection in pastoral landscapes using a Colour Feature Extreme Learning MachineSadgrove, Edmund ; Falzon, Gregory ; Miron, David J ; Lamb, David 14-Jun-2017
6Dec-2015Scheduling network maintenance jobs with release dates and deadlines to maximize total flow over time: Boundsand solution strategiesBoland, Natashia; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Kaur, Simranjit24-Apr-2019
711-Dec-2018Poincare duality complexes with highly connected universal coverBleile, Beatrice ; Bokor, Imre; Hillman, Jonathon A8-Apr-2019
8Mar-2017A polynomially solvable case of the pooling problemBoland, Natashia; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Rigterink, Fabian24-Apr-2019
92008Reducing the tongue-and-groove underdosage in MLC shape matrix decompositionKalinowski, Thomas 26-Apr-2019
101-Nov-2014Incremental network design with shortest pathsBaxter, Matthew; Elgindy, Tarek; Ernst, Andreas T; Kalinowski, Thomas ; Savelsbergh, Martin W P26-Apr-2019

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