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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010On a Nonlocal Reaction-Diffusion Problem Arising from the Modeling of Phytoplankton GrowthDu, Yihong ; Hsu, Sze-Bi18-May-2011
22010Isolated singularities for weighted quasilinear elliptic equationsCirstea, Florica C; Du, Yihong 19-May-2011
32010Infinitely many solutions for the prescribed scalar curvature problem on SᴺWei, Juncheng; Yan, Shusen 19-May-2011
42010Convergence and sharp thresholds for propagation in nonlinear diffusion problemsDu, Yihong ; Matano, Hiroshi18-May-2011
52010Spreading-Vanishing Dichotomy in the Diffusive Logistic Model with a Free BoundaryDu, Yihong ; Lin, Zhigui19-May-2011
62014Involutive deformations of the regular part of a normal surfaceHarris, Adam ; Miyajima, Kimio9-Jul-2014
72014Topics on Real and Complex SingularitiesKoike, Satoshi; Fukui, Toshizumi; Paunescu, Laurentiu; Harris, Adam ; Isaev, Alexander9-Jul-2014
82012A Liouville theorem for conformal Gaussian curvature type equations in R²Du, Yihong ; Ma, Li25-Jun-2012
92011On Infinitesimal Deformations of the Regular Part of a Complex Cone SingularityHarris, Adam ; Kolar, Martin24-Feb-2012
102013Sharp spatiotemporal patterns in the diffusive time-periodic logistic equationDu, Yihong ; Peng, Rui3-Feb-2014