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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016Phytochemical variability of 'Pittosporum angustifolium' Lodd. (Pittosporaceae): a traditional and contemporary Aboriginal Australian medicineSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 9-May-2017
22016Genifuranal and other derivatives: smoking desert plantsSadgrove, Nicholas; Lyddiard, Dane ; Collins, Tim; Greatrex, Ben ; Jones, Graham L 10-May-2017
32014Cytogeography of essential oil chemotypes Eremophila longifolia F. Muell (Scrophulariaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 4-Aug-2014
42014Chemogeography and antimicrobial activity of essential oils from 'Geijera parviflora' and 'Geijera salicifolia' (Rutaceae): Two traditional Australian medicinal plantsSadgrove, Nicholas; Goncalves-Martins, Maximilien; Jones, Graham L 6-Jun-2014
52014Isolation and characterisation of (-)-genifuranal: The principal antimicrobial component in traditional smoking applications of 'Eremophila longifolia' (Scrophulariaceae) by Australian aboriginal peoplesSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L ; Greatrex, Ben 25-Jun-2014
62013Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils and Solvent Extracts from 'Zieria' species (Rutaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 17-Jun-2013
72013Characterization and Bioactivity of Essential Oils from 'Geijera parviflora' (Rutaceae): A Native Bush Medicine from AustraliaSadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 17-Jun-2013
82013Dihydrotagetone, an Unusual Fruity Ketone, is Found in Enantiopure and Enantioenriched Forms in Additional Australian Native Taxa of 'Phebalium' (Rutaceae: Boronieae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Telford, Ian R H ; Greatrex, Ben ; Dowell, Ashley; Jones, Graham L 17-Jun-2013
92013A possible role of partially pyrolysed essential oils in Australian Aboriginal traditional ceremonial and medicinal smoking applications of 'Eremophila longifolia' (R. Br.) F. Muell (Scrophulariaceae)Sadgrove, Nicholas; Jones, Graham L 6-Jun-2013