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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
120-Dec-2011Temporal Integration of Movement: The Time-Course of Motion Streaks Revealed by MaskingAlais, David; Apthorp, Deborah ; Karmann, Anna; Cass, John29-May-2019
22014Obtuse anglers: The linguistics and ethnography of fishing ground names on Norfolk IslandNash, Joshua 21-Sep-2017
32016The Nature of the Child and the Child of Nature: Historical and Contemporary ContinuitiesHawkes, Gail ; Egan, R Danielle29-Sep-2017
42017Assessing the impact of different persuasive messages on the intentions and behaviour of cat owners: A randomised control trialMcLeod, Lynette ; Hine, Don W ; Bengsen, Andrew J; Driver, Aaron18-Oct-2017
52015Applying behavioral theories to invasive animal management: Towards an integrative frameworkMcLeod, Lynette ; Hine, Don W ; Please, Patricia ; Driver, Aaron9-Jul-2015
62015Born to roam? Surveying cat owners in Tasmania, Australia, to identify the drivers and barriers to cat containmentMcLeod, Lynette ; Hine, Don W ; Bengsen, Andrew5-Jan-2016
72015Behaviourally Effective Communications for Invasive Animals Management: A Practical GuideHine, Don W ; Please, Patricia ; McLeod, Lynette ; Driver, Aaron3-Jun-2015
88-Apr-2017EEG and ERP Biomarkers, Source Localisation and Neurofeedback for Performance Enhancement in Elite Table Tennis AthletesBrown, Trevor; Cooper, Nicolas; Talk, Andrew ; Jamieson, Graham 5-Aug-2019
92019Rock Price Cognitive Testing datasetRock, Deborah; Price, Ian 24-Jul-2019
109-Jul-2019Evidence for the dynamic human ability to judge another's sex from ambiguous or unfamiliar signalsGaetano, Justin 19-Jul-2019

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