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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Local - If Possible: How the Spatial Networking of Economic Relations amongst Farm Enterprises Aids Small Town Survival in Rural AustraliaPritchard, William; Argent, Neil ; Baum, Scott; Bourke, Lisa; Martin, John; McManus, Phil; Sorensen, Anthony ; Walmsley, Dennis J 25-Mar-2012
22003A Question of Balance?: The Fate of Balanced Development as a Regional Policy Objective in New South WalesCollits, Paul Gerard; Sorensen, Anthony 1-Sep-2015
31998In Search of the 'Holy-Grail' of Effective Australian Disaster Management: the rise of the Intelligent Disaster Management System (IDMS)Pagram, Robin James; Sorensen, Anthony 20-Dec-2010
42014The Last Seventeen Years: a personal perspective on the Commission's work and its achievementsSorensen, Anthony 4-Nov-2015
52005From Thucydides to Florida: Stable Adaptation, Social Depth, and the Seamless Generation of Unforeseen FuturesSorensen, Anthony ; Epps, William Roger17-Feb-2010
62003Regional Economic and Social Conditions: Perception and Reality in Rural New South Wales and QueenslandSorensen, Anthony 18-Sep-2008
72003Economic Governance and Australian Rural Development: Redefining SustainabilitySorensen, Anthony 25-Aug-2009
82002Whither Rural Leadership?: A Case Study in Central QueenslandSorensen, Anthony ; Epps, William Roger10-Sep-2009
92007Progress in Sustainable Rural DevelopmentSorensen, Anthony 25-Feb-2010
102015Antifragility, Stable Adaptation and Future-Proofing: Redefining the Spirit and Purpose of Regional Development Strategy in Australia's Peripheral RegionsSorensen, Anthony 6-Nov-2015