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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015Who needs reform? Defamation and the strange case of Captain Shirley FalckeLunney, Mark 24-May-2017
22010The Extension of Therapeutic Jurisprudence to Testamentary Competency and Substitute Decision-Making in the Australian ContextPurser, Kelly; Magner, Eilis; Madison, Jeanne 2-May-2011
32012Can timber and water resources be sustainably co-developed in south-eastern New South Wales, Australia?Webb, Ashley Adrian 4-Jul-2013
42010Film as a Legal Pedagogical ToolLivings, Ben28-Aug-2014
52013Estimating catchment-scale annual soil loss in managed native eucalypt forests, AustraliaJamshidi, Reza; Dragovich, Deirdre; Webb, Ashley Adrian 8-Jul-2013
62015Living in the shadows of Dixon: Isaac Isaacs contribution to the development of an Australian law of tortLunney, Mark 24-May-2017
72015Re-orientating Human Rights Meanings and Understandings?: Reviving and Revisiting Australian Human Rights Exceptionalism Through a Liberal Democratic Rights AgendaCarne, Greg 7-Jan-2016
82010Using Ecosystem Services as a Means to Diffuse Political Land Use Decisions in Peri-Urban RegionsWilliams, Jacqueline ; Martin, Paul ; Stone, Christopher D 29-Apr-2011
92012Temporary increases in suspended sediment yields following selective eucalypt forest harvestingWebb, Ashley Adrian ; Dragovich, Deirdre; Jamshidi, Reza4-Jul-2013
102017Soils Governance, an Australian PerspectiveMartin, Paul 30-May-2017

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