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12011Invasive pneumococcal disease in New South Wales, Australia: reporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status improves epidemiologyMassey, Peter D ; Todd, Kerry; Osbourne, Maggi; Taylor, Kylie; Durrheim, David N10-May-2017
22011Meeting measles elimination indicators: surveillance performance in a regional area of AustraliaKohlhagen, Julie K; Massey, Peter D ; Durrheim, David N10-May-2017
32007Barriers to early identification of early psychosis among young rural malesWilson, Rhonda L 7-Mar-2012
42015Sexual Self-Concept through a Cross-Cultural Lens: Qualitative Case Studies of Iranian-American WomenRashidian, Mitra ; Minichiello, Victor ; Hussain, Rafat 10-May-2017
52008Effects of a Standardised 'Bacopa Monniera' Extract on Cognitive Performance, Anxiety and Depression in the Elderly: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled TrialCalabrese, Carlo; Gregory, William L; Leo, Michael; Kraemer, Dale; Bone, Kerry; Oken, Barry18-Jan-2010
62005Cytochrome P450 enzyme-mediated degradation of Echinacea alkylamides in human liver microsomesMatthias, A; Gillam, E; Penman, K; Matovic, J; Bone, Kerry; De Voss, J; Lehmann, R18-Jan-2010
72002The Practice of Assistants in Nursing: A study of resource distribution at the bedside in nursing homesChandler, Michele Jane; Madison, Jeanne ; Han, Gil-Soo11-Apr-2013
82003Alcohol and drug use in Australian male sex workers: its relationship to the safety outcome of the sex encounterMinichiello, V ; Mariño, R; Khan, A; Brown, JM19-Jun-2008
92016Why We Belong - Exploring Membership of Healthcare Professionals in an Intensive Care Virtual Community Via Online Focus Groups: Rationale and ProtocolRolls, Kaye; Hansen, Margaret; Jackson, Debra ; Elliott, Doug10-May-2017
102016Barriers to sexual health care: a survey of Iranian-American physicians in California, USARashidian, Mitra ; Minichiello, Victor ; Knutsen, Synnove F; Ghamsary, Mark10-May-2017

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