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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013Soil Salinity Mapping and Monitoring in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions Using Remote Sensing Technology: A ReviewAllbed, Amal; Kumar, Lalit 13-Mar-2014
22010A molecular phylogeny of the subtribe Pterostylidinae (Orchidaceae): resolving the taxonomic confusionJanes, Jasmine ; Steane, Dorothy A; Vaillancourt, Rene E; Duretto, Marco16-Apr-2018
32009Summarization methods and quality problems in Affymetrix microarraysGondro, Cedric 22-Mar-2010
42015Polygamy and an absence of fine-scale structure in Dendroctonus ponderosae (Hopk.) (Coleoptera: Curcilionidae) confirmed using molecular markersJanes, Jasmine ; Roe, A D; Rice, A V; Gorrell, Jamie ; Coltman, D W; Langor, D W; Sperling, F A H16-Apr-2018
52012The use of genomics in the management of livestockKinghorn, Brian 13-Mar-2014
62017Effects of yeast cell wall on growth performance, immune responses and intestinal short chain fatty acid concentrations of broilers in an experimental necrotic enteritis modelXue, Guang-Da; Wu, Shubiao ; Choct, Mingan ; Swick, Robert A 17-Apr-2018
72014'Pinus pinaster' and 'Pinus radiata' survival, growth and form on 500-800 mm rainfall sites in southern NSWSmith, Robert Geoffrey Beaumont ; Rowell, Doug; Porada, Hans; Bush, David6-May-2015
82018Assessing the performance of agricultural advisory models for scaling-out conservation agriculture with trees in East Africa (Kenya)Bourne, Mieke; Prior, Julian ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa 10-Dec-2019
92014The effect of dietary calcium inclusion on broiler gastrointestinal pH: Quantification and method optimizationMorgan, Natalie ; Walk, C L; Bedford, M R; Burton, E J13-Feb-2017
102014In vitro versus in situ evaluation of the effect of phytase supplementation on calcium and phosphorus solubility in soya bean and rapeseed meal broiler dietsMorgan, Natalie ; Walk, C L; Bedford, M R; Burton, E J13-Feb-2017

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