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2012016Gene expression and functional analyses in brassinosteroid-mediated stress toleranceDivi, Uday K; Rahman, Tawhidur; Krishna, Priti 10-Aug-2016
2022016Response to Pauli, N., L. K. Abbott, S. Negrete-Yankelevich, and P. Andrés. 2016. Farmers' knowledge and use of soil fauna in agriculture: a worldwide reviewLobry De Bruyn, Lisa 13-Jan-2017
2032017Lessons Learnt: Sharing Soil Knowledge to Improve Land Management and Sustainable Soil UseLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Jenkins, Abigail; Samson-Liebig, Susan18-Jul-2017
2042014Climate change and the potential global distribution of 'Aedes aegypti': spatial modelling using geographical information system and CLIMEXKhormi, Hassan ; Kumar, Lalit 9-Sep-2014
2052012Runs of Homozygosity Implicate Autozygosity as a Schizophrenia Risk FactorKeller, Matthew C; Simonson, Matthew A; Ripke, Stephan; Neale, Ben M; Gejman, Pablo V; Howrigan, Daniel P; Lee, Sang Hong ; Lencz, Todd; Levinson, Douglas F; Sullivan, Patrick F27-Oct-2017
2062012First instalment in resolution of the 'Banksia spinulosa' complex (Proteaceae): 'B. neoanglica', a new species supported by phenetic analysis, ecology and geographyStimpson, Margaret ; Weston, Peter; Telford, Ian R H ; Bruhl, Jeremy J 29-Oct-2012
2072016Voyage of discovery? A comment on Koch et al. "A voyage to Terra Australis: human-mediated dispersal of cats"Andrew, Rose ; Smith, Deane; Gorrell, Jamieson C; Janes, Jasmine 25-May-2017
208Apr-2018Dietary L-glutamine supplementation improves growth performance, gut morphology, and serum biochemical indices of broiler chickens during necrotic enteritis challengeXue, G D ; Barekatain, R; Wu, S B ; Choct, M ; Swick, R A 18-Apr-2019
2092015Genome-wide linkage disequilibrium and genetic diversity in five populations of Australian domestic sheepAl-Mamun, Hawlader Abdullah; Clark, Sam A ; Kwan, Paul H ; Gondro, Cedric 26-Nov-2015
2102011Biting through constraints: cranial morphology, disparity and convergence across living and fossil carnivorous mammalsGoswami, Anjali; Milne, Nick; Wroe, Stephen 28-Apr-2014

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