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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Effects of landscape composition and configuration on northern flying squirrels in a forest mosaicRitchie, Louise E; Betts, Matthew G; Forbes, Graham; Vernes, Karl A 2-Feb-2010
22017Floristics, dominance and diversity within the threatened 'Themeda' grassy headlands of the North Coast Bioregion of New South WalesHunter, John T ; Hunter, Vanessa18-May-2017
32007Hypogeous fungi in the diet of the red-legged pademelon 'Thylogale stigmatica' from a rainforestopen forest interface in northeastern AustraliaVernes, Karl Adriaan ; Trappe, James M29-Jan-2010
42005The northern flying squirrel ('Glaucomys sabrinus') as a vector for inoculation of red spruce ('Picea rubens') seedlings with extomycorrhizal fungiCaldwell, I; Vernes, Karl Adriaan ; Barlocher, F21-Jan-2010
525-Nov-1998Honeybees reduce fitness in the pioneer shrub Melastoma affine (Melastomataceae)Gross, C L ; Mackay, D 4-Mar-2019
6Jul-2019Quantifying niche availability, niche overlap and competition for recruitment sites in plant populations without explicit knowledge of niche axesWandrag, Elizabeth M ; Catford, Jane A; Duncan, Richard P30-Oct-2019
717-May-2017Mutualistic strategies minimize coextinction in plant-disperser networksFricke, Evan C; Tewksbury, Joshua J; Wandrag, Elizabeth M ; Rogers, Haldre S31-Oct-2019
816-Nov-2015Vertebrate seed dispersers maintain the composition of tropical forest seedbanksWandrag, E M ; Dunham, A E; Miller, R H; Rogers, H S31-Oct-2019
9Sep-2016Landscape Effects on the Spread of Invasive SpeciesO’Reilly-Nugent, Andrew; Palit, Rakhi; Lopez-Aldana, Angelica; Medina-Romero, Margarita; Wandrag, E ; Duncan, Richard P31-Oct-2019