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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1Mar-2017Mulch effect on successive crop yields and soil carbon in TongaManu, V; Whitbread, A; Blair, G 7-Oct-2020
21-Jan-2018Necrotic enteritis challenge and high dietary sodium level affect odorant composition or emission from broilersSharma, Nishchal K ; Choct, Mingan ; Wu, Shu-Biao ; Swick, Robert A 27-Aug-2020
31-Apr-2018Nutrient digestibility response to sugarcane bagasse addition and corn particle size in normal and high Na diets for broilersKheravii, S K ; Swick, R A ; Choct, M ; Wu, S-B 27-Aug-2020
4Jun-2017Nutritional effects on odour emissions in broiler productionSharma, N K ; Choct, M ; Wu, S ; Swick, R A 27-Aug-2020
517-Aug-2018Using the Tea Bag Index to characterize decomposition rates in restored peatlandsMacDonald, Erin; Brummell, Martin E ; Bieniada, Aneta; Elliot, James; Engering, Alexandra; Gauthier, Tasha-Leigh; Saraswati, S; Touchette, Sabrina; Tourmel-Courchesne, Laurence; Strack, Maria7-Sep-2020
6Oct-2011A High Arctic soil ecosystem resists long-term environmental manipulationsLamb, Eric G; Han, Sukkyun; Lanoil, Brian D; Henry, Greg H R; Brummell, Martin E ; Banerjee, Samiran; Siciliano, Steven D10-Sep-2020
7May-2012N2O flux from plant-soil systems in polar deserts switch between sources and sinks under different light conditionsStewart, Katherine J; Brummell, Martin E ; Farrell, Richard E; Siciliano, Steven D10-Sep-2020
8Sep-2017The effects of Eriophorum vaginatum on N2O fluxes at a restored, extracted peatlandBrummell, Martin E ; Lazcano, Cristina; Strack, Maria14-Sep-2020
92013How is nitrogen fixation in the high arctic linked to greenhouse gas emissions?Stewart, Katherine J; Brummell, Martin E ; Coxson, Darwyn S; Siciliano, Steven D14-Sep-2020
10Sep-2012Greenhouse gas soil production and surface fluxes at a high arctic polar oasisBrummell, Martin E ; Farrell, Richard E; Siciliano, Steven D14-Sep-2020

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