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12014The importance of temporal heterothermy in batsStawski, Clare ; Willis, C K R; Geiser, Fritz 21-Nov-2014
22011Understanding and promoting adoption of conservation practices by rural landholdersPannell, David J; Marshall, Graham R ; Barr, Neil; Curtis, Allan; Vanclay, Frank; Wilkinson, Roger27-Jun-2011
32016Are Australian and United States Farmers Using Soil Information for Soil Health Management?Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Andrews, Susan22-Apr-2016
42010Genetic and environmental effects on meat qualityWarner, RD; Greenwood, Paul; Pethick, DW; Ferguson, Drewe 28-Jun-2011
52011Cambro-Ordovician Studies IVLaurie, J R; Paterson, John R ; Brock, G A24-Nov-2014
62010Eastern grey kangaroo ('Macropus giganteus') myofibres: 1. A simplified classification method using two commercially available antibodiesSpiegel, NB; Johns, WH; Sinclair, SD; Wynn, PC; Thompson, John ; Greenwood, Paul28-Jun-2011
72010Eastern grey kangaroo ('Macropus giganteus') myofibres: 2. Characteristics of eight skeletal musclesSpiegel, NB; Wynn, PC; Thompson, John ; Greenwood, Paul28-Jun-2011
82014Breeding behaviour and prey of Black Falcons, 'Falco subniger', including food-cachingCharley, D; Lutter, H; Debus, Steve J S 26-Apr-2016
92011Temperament and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function are related and combine to affect growth, efficiency, carcass, and meat quality traits in Brahman steersCafe, Linda ; Robinson, Dorothy L ; Ferguson, Drewe ; Geesink, Geert ; Greenwood, Paul28-Jun-2011
10Jan-2014Environmental factors predict community functional composition in Amazonian forestsFortunel, Claire; Paine, C E Timothy ; Fine, Paul V A; Kraft, Nathan J B; Baraloto, Christopher8-Apr-2019

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