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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12012Insect herbivory along environmental gradientsAndrew, Nigel R ; Roberts, Isobel; Hill, Sarah J 9-Jan-2013
2Dec-2012Beef carcasses with larger eye muscle areas, lower ossification scores and improved nutrition have a lower incidence of dark cuttingMcGilchrist, P ; Alston, C L; Gardner, G E; Thomson, K L; Pethick, D W29-Jun-2020
32012Qualitative Behavioural Assessment of Angus steers during pre-slaughter handling and relationship with temperament and physiological responsesStockman, Catherine A; McGilchrist, Peter ; Fleming, Patricia A; Collins, Teresa; Barnes, Anne L; Miller, David; Wickham, Sarah L; Greenwood, Paul; Cafe, Linda ; Blache, Dominique; Wemelsfelder, Francoise13-Mar-2014
4May-2012N2O flux from plant-soil systems in polar deserts switch between sources and sinks under different light conditionsStewart, Katherine J; Brummell, Martin E ; Farrell, Richard E; Siciliano, Steven D10-Sep-2020
5Sep-2012Greenhouse gas soil production and surface fluxes at a high arctic polar oasisBrummell, Martin E ; Farrell, Richard E; Siciliano, Steven D14-Sep-2020

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